Lauren Beasley
' Material/Material ' Oil on Cartridge 150 x 150cm, 2015.
Blake Malone
Middle; 'Composition Nasa' Acrylic and oil on canvas 210 x 150cm, 2015.
Matthys Gerber
' Corner Painting (brown) Acrylic on board 43.5 x 43,5 x 43.5cm, 2015.
James Thompson
' Candyland ' Oil and acrylic on canvas 189 x 167cm, 2015.
Left: SOOP, Middle: Elmo Aoyama
'Little Lost Painting', Oil on canvas, 76 x76 cm,2015. 'Sans Infinity', Acrylic and oil on perspex, 240 x 60 cm, 2015.
Joel Easson
2nd Left; 'Antipodes' Oil on canvas 40 x 60cm, 2015.
James Aksman-Glosz
'Ares lll: Living and Dying in Fear of the Naked Sun' Oil on canvas, 112 x 101cm, 2015.
Lauren Beasley
Installation Shot

"8 Paintings 1 Night"

The Bevery, Holme Building, University of Sydney 

15th October, 2015